Where the Sun Blossoms the Sea is Singing – a short review

‘Where the Sun Blossoms the Sea is Singing’ available as a Kindle Edition through Amazon. Please buy it!


If ever the intellectual became a poet, and each qualified the other, he might well be called Polymeris Voglis. ‘Where the Sun Blossoms the Sea is Singing’, is an astonishingly profound and beautiful collection of prose poems. If the pen is a scalpel then there is blood in this work: the blood of centuries the scarlet thread of Humanity’s tragedy so deftly woven through these pieces by someone with deep insight and a mesmerising command of words. There is no gloss here, no consolation, yet Voglis still manages to create something beautiful and enduring, something layered and provocative. Drawing from the turbulent history of human creation, destruction and experience he produces through symbolism, surrealism, through myth and philosophy an anti-polemical poetry. Voglis is not concerned with the superiority of his view for his project is not one of conscription or prescription but an erudite laceration of an inherited corruption that has dehumanized humans for centuries seducing them with fabrications and fears into a pitiful acquiescence. Please read Polymeris Voglis. He is a poet, historian, philosopher; a prophet of rich eloquence in a time when many minds are starving.


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