A summary of my year in poetry: I was very pleased to have 29 poems published. The year started with a poem in Helen Ivory’s excellent ‘ink sweat & tears’ and finished with three in Josephine Corcoran’s equally excellent ‘And Other Poems’. I was especially pleased to be included in 2 Scottish e-zines, ‘The Open Mouse’ edited by Colin Will and ‘From Glasgow to Saturn’ edited by students of The University of Glasgow’s Creative Writing Programme. Other poems were published in USA, India and Ireland. I am especially indebted to Christine Murray for publishing some of my new work at ‘Poethead‘ which is leading the way in supporting and sharing the work of women writers. She was also kind enough to review my book ‘Throats Full of Graves’ which was published by Lapwing Publications in 2013. My thanks go to Dennis Grieg for that. You can purchase it here. Thanks also to David McLean, Tim Buck and Barton Smock for reviewing the book and all those who bought it.

Next year I hope to complete my manuscript ‘A Wound’s Sound’. I have 41 poems written for it to date. I may either enter it in a competition or send it out to publishers. I already have two poems accepted for publication in February in ‘Deep Water Literary Journal’. My aim is to continue to send out poems to places where I’ll probably be rejected.

I hope that all poets and readers have a wonderful 2014.



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