A Wound’s Sound

A Wound's Sound

I’m very pleased to announce that A Wound’s Sound is now available from Oneiros Books.

“The ambient howl-sound pervades everything. The gutted beasts are everywhere – billions raised and slaughtered for food globally each year. ‘A Wound’s Sound’ is an attempt to distill and voice their pain and their silence.”

after Les Murray

Us all on sorrow cemetery we.
Not warmed with gloss nor glutting sun
under that prize the light is tied to.
No fascist-shoehorn in our guts to make us sore
back then when world was us.
We dipped our good sides in the cool mud.
Us all free then our sung-out grunts. Bloomed/
our ballads bit the trees
and carried down the sheets of rivers.
Coughed lungs sometimes but rich with all we were.
Growing and growing/bedding our squealed litters
with sound no ticking clock/no death-knell.
Wounds sometimes from the edge of living
not blade or punch or swinging hook.
Not the bleeding screams beyond the wall.
Sliced pink our one-life/our gone-forever gifts
here where world’s flung upside down.



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