April Poems

Leaving April

Woman, willow-stooped and worm-wed,
her voice spilt shadow,
leaving April in soured knots and velvet.
Sad-burst, her bluebell breasts they fade
her silence and her song. Too pink,
her buds for blooming too late
to die. Farewell,
her dumb sun on a child wind,
the rising of dusty muscle
her dry water luminous with bones.

Throats Full of Graves
Throats Full of Graves




 From Throats Full of Graves, Lapwing Publications, 2013

previously published at Bone Orchard Poetry



April’s Disappointment

The wind, it barks, and the forests are without treetops.
the veil of air
reminds me grey-quiet. A brighter sound       somewhere
lonely for a scent. A head-down daffodil
a petal from ruin.         The people
stuffed in the gut
with jobs and carcasses. Must/
a durable soul
be driven down further?         Elsewhere

the sun shines/the ground is warm/
the flowers are bloomed proud.

A Wound's Sound
A Wound’s Sound




From A Wound’s Sound, Oneiros Books, 2014

Previously published at A New Ulster


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