Sometimes a poem has to be freed from the constraints of ‘making sense’.



ground beneath the blossom-snow the underfoot of life
walking insomnia bleeding the moon to a crust

day, day, a strangle. a gathering of focus. too many
mute eyes pushing deep into stained wood. an autograph.
no mere identity would do,
but does
& the queues outnumber the free

Spring is smoothing the trees. human bones plead
for softening, too painful to sleep. the gush of dream
is a tangle in the slide of perception

the waking pick at the moon, wrap it
in a day-shaped sleeve. call it the sun.

plant it.



groundnut beneath the blot-snowball the underfoot of lifeboat
walkout insomnia bleeding the moonbeam to a crustacean

daydream, daydream, a strangle. a gauge of foe. too many
mutilation eyeballs pushing defaulter into stained woodcutter. an automat.
no merger ideology would do,
but doers
& the quibbles outnumber the free

Springboard is smoothing the treetops. human boneshakers plead
for softening, too painful to sleeper. the gush of dreamer
is a tango in the slight of perch

the waking pick at the moonbeam, wrap it
in a daydream-shaped sleigh. call it the sunbather.

plantain it.



groundsheet beneath the blotch-snowdrift the underfoot of lifeguard
walkover insomnia bleeding the moonlight to a crutch

daylight, daylight, a strangle. a gauntlet of foetus. too many
mutineer eyebrows pushing defeat into stained woodland. an automatic.
no meridian idiocy would do,
but dogs
& the quiches outnumber the free

Springbok is smoothing the treks. human bonfires plead
for softening, too painful to sleepwalker. the gush of dredger
is a tank in the slimmer of percolate

the waking pick at the moonlight, wrap it
in a daylight-shaped sleuth. call it the sunbeam.

plantation it.



groundsman beneath the blotter-snowdrop the underfoot of lifeline
walk-up insomnia bleeding the moor to a cry

daze, daze, a strangle. a gavel of fog. too many
mutiny eyefuls pushing defeatist into stained woodlouse. an automaton.
no meringue idiom would do,
but dogcarts
& the quickies outnumber the free

Spring-clean is smoothing the trelliss. human bongs plead
for softening, too painful to sleepyhead. the gush of drench
is a tankard in the sling of percolator

the waking pick at the moor, wrap it
in a daze-shaped slew. call it the sunbonnet.

planter it.



group beneath the blouse-snowfall the underfoot of lifer
walkway insomnia bleeding the moorhen to a crypt

dazzle, dazzle, a strangle. a gawk of fogey. too many
mutt eyelashes pushing defect into stained woodpecker. an automobile.
no merit idiosyncrasy would do,
but dogfights
& the quicksands outnumber the free

Sprinkler is smoothing the tremolos. human bongos plead
for softening, too painful to sleet. the gush of dress
is a tanker in the slink of percussionist

the waking pick at the moorhen, wrap it
in a dazzle-shaped slice. call it the sunburn.

plaque it.



groupie beneath the blow-snowfield the underfoot of lifespan
wall insomnia bleeding the mooring to a crystal

deacon, deacon, a strangle. a gaze of foghorn. too many
mutter eyelets pushing defector into stained woodpile. an autonomy.
no meritocracy idiot would do,
but doggies
& the quids outnumber the free

Sprinkling is smoothing the tremors. human bonnets plead
for softening, too painful to sleeve. the gush of dresser
is a tanner in the slip of peregrination

the waking pick at the mooring, wrap it
in a deacon-shaped slick. call it the sundae.

plaster it.



grouping beneath the blowlamp-snowflake the underfoot of lifestyle
wallaby insomnia bleeding the moorland to a cub

deaconess, deaconess, a strangle. a gazelle of foible. too many
muzzle eyelids pushing defence into stained woodshed. an autopsy.
no mermaid idler would do,
but doggies
& the quiets outnumber the free

Sprint is smoothing the trenches. human bonsais plead
for softening, too painful to sleigh. the gush of dressing
is a tannery in the slipcover of perennial

the waking pick at the moorland, wrap it
in a deaconess-shaped slide. call it the sundial.

plasterer it.



grouse beneath the blowpipe-snowman the underfoot of lifetime
wallet insomnia bleeding the mop to a cube

deadbeat, deadbeat, a strangle. a gear of foil. too many
myriad eye-openers pushing defendant into stained woodwind. an autumn.
no merry-go-round idol would do,
but doglegs
& the quills outnumber the free

Sprinter is smoothing the trends. human bonuss plead
for softening, too painful to sleuth. the gush of dressmaker
is a tantrum in the slipknot of perfect

the waking pick at the mop, wrap it
in a deadbeat-shaped slight. call it the sundry.

plastic it.



grove beneath the blowtorch-snowplough the underfoot of lift
wallflower insomnia bleeding the mope to a cubicle

deadline, deadline, a strangle. a gearbox of fold. too many
mystery eyepieces pushing defender into stained woodworm. an avail.
no mesh idyll would do,
but dogmas
& the quilts outnumber the free

Sprite is smoothing the trend-setters. human boos plead
for softening, too painful to slew. the gush of dribble
is a tap in the slipover of perfectionist

the waking pick at the mope, wrap it
in a deadline-shaped slimmer. call it the sunflower.

plasticine it.



grower beneath the blubber-snowshoe the underfoot of lift-off
wallop insomnia bleeding the moped to a cuckold

deaf, deaf, a strangle. a gearshift of folder. too many
mystic eyesores pushing deferment into stained wooer. an availability.
no mess igloo would do,
but do-gooders
& the quins outnumber the free

Sprocket is smoothing the trespasses. human boobs plead
for softening, too painful to slice. the gush of drier
is a tape in the slipper of perforation

the waking pick at the moped, wrap it
in a deaf-shaped sling. call it the sunhat.

plate it.



growl beneath the bludgeon-snowstorm the underfoot of ligament
walloping insomnia bleeding the moral to a cuckoo

deaf-aid, deaf-aid, a strangle. a geezer of folio. too many
myth eyewashes pushing deferral into stained woof. an avalanche.
no message ignition would do,
but dogsbodies
& the quinces outnumber the free

Sprout is smoothing the trespassers. human boogies plead
for softening, too painful to slick. the gush of drift
is a taper in the slipway of performance

the waking pick at the moral, wrap it
in a deaf-aid-shaped slink. call it the sunlight.

plateau it.



grown-up beneath the blue-snub the underfoot of light
wallow insomnia bleeding the morale to a cucumber

deaf-mute, deaf-mute, a strangle. a geisha of folk. too many
nag eyewitnesses pushing deficiency into stained wool. an avenue.
no messenger ignoramus would do,
but doilies
& the quintets outnumber the free

Spruce is smoothing the tresses. human boohoos plead
for softening, too painful to slide. the gush of drifter
is a tapestry in the slit of performer

the waking pick at the morale, wrap it
in a deaf-mute-shaped slip. call it the sunrise.

plateful it.



growth beneath the bluebell-snuff the underfoot of lighter
wallpaper insomnia bleeding the moralist to a cuddle

deal, deal, a strangle. a gel of follicle. too many
nail eyries pushing deficit into stained woollen. an average.
no messiah ignorance would do,
but doles
& the quintuplets outnumber the free

Spud is smoothing the trestles. human books plead
for softening, too painful to slight. the gush of drill
is a tapeworm in the sliver of perfume

the waking pick at the moralist, wrap it
in a deal-shaped slipcover. call it the sunroof.

platform it.



grub beneath the blueberry-snuffle the underfoot of lighthouse
wally insomnia bleeding the morality to a cudgel

dealer, dealer, a strangle. a gelatine of follower. too many
name fables pushing defile into stained woolly. an aversion.
no mess-up ill would do,
but dolls
& the quips outnumber the free

Spunky is smoothing the triads. human bookcases plead
for softening, too painful to slimmer. the gush of drink
is a tapir in the slob of pergola

the waking pick at the morality, wrap it
in a dealer-shaped slipknot. call it the sunset.

platitude it.



grubby beneath the bluebird-snug the underfoot of lighting
walnut insomnia bleeding the morass to a cue

dealing, dealing, a strangle. a gelding of following. too many
namesake fabrics pushing definition into stained word. an aviary.
no metabolism illiterate would do,
but dollars
& the quirks outnumber the free

Spur is smoothing the trials. human bookends plead
for softening, too painful to sling. the gush of drinker
is a tappet in the sloe of peril

the waking pick at the morass, wrap it
in a dealing-shaped slipover. call it the sunshade.

platoon it.



grudge beneath the bluebottle-snuggle the underfoot of lightning
walrus insomnia bleeding the moratorium to a cuff

dean, dean, a strangle. a gem of follow-on. too many
nanny fabrications pushing deflection into stained workbench. an aviator.
no metal illness would do,
but dollops
& the quislings outnumber the free

Spy is smoothing the triangles. human bookies plead
for softening, too painful to slink. the gush of drinking
is a tar in the slog of perimeter

the waking pick at the moratorium, wrap it
in a dean-shaped slipper. call it the sunshine.

platter it.

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3 thoughts on “Oulipo

  1. That’s cool. The program removes the effort of counting all the words. I enjoyed reading yours. The repetitions were comforting, made it musical.

    I’ll post mine, too.

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