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Tariq Latif – One Poem

I am very pleased to  share a poem by Argyll-based poet, Tariq Latif, which appears in the current issue of ‘Poetry Scotland’. It reads to me like a fairytale, luminous and full of beautiful imagery. Tariq’s latest pamphlet, ‘Smithereens’, is available from Arc Publications. You can purchase it here.


Once upon a Sunday

for Jennifer and James

Seven calves doze
in the leafy shade.

Light summer drizzle.
Milky sunshine. Smoky

clouds. A white
flaky moon: a parachute;

a jelly fish
swimming the blue;

a child’s white crayon
sketch of a smile.

Wet apple blossoms,
damp tissues, luminous

shadows and ghosts
under the weathered trees.

I have hand picked
some buds of pearl,

some snow white lilies
and these lilac orchids.

I wrap them,
in the blue of sky,

and the glitter of stars
and offer you these gifts

words, worlds and words,
these songs of love-birds.

rs_latifTariq Latif was born in a small village outside Lahore in Pakistan. He graduated from Sheffield University with a degree in Physics and worked in Manchester for fifteen years in a family printing business. He has recently moved to the outbacks of Argyll and Bute where he works part-time as a telephone sales person and spends his free time roaming the Scottish Highlands and writing occasional verse. He was the First Prize winner of the Daily Mail National Poetry Competition 2004, and his work has been featured on BBC2 television and BBC Radio 4.


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