E. E. Nobbs -Two Poems



I have opened up my blog this year to share the work of other poets writing about the subjects I am primarily interested in – nature, the environment and animal rights. I am delighted to share two poems by Canadian poet, E. E. Nobbs. I love both these poems but DOCUMENTARY says so much of importance so beautifully in such few words – perfect. It comes from her prize-winning chapbook, The Invisible Girl.


Like an alpine forest
                  the tall tree
            nobly pines her arms over
our new bungalow, genuine retro (58 years old —
the year’s on the architect’s plans). We planted it
             when I was 5. Can’t believe it’s grown
so big! — says
                 Willard when we
all meet at a closing inspection.

              It will have to go — no
              choice. Those needles
              gutters, moss
              curling asphalt shingles.

              And — woodpecker holes
              near the base
              of this Queen
              internal rot. Yes, I know.


At the end, we see
the blue whale and her calf. Breaching —
                their two tails punctuate
the ocean’s clean slate,
their motion like mime
or signing. Perhaps they know
                we’re deaf.

E.E. Nobbs lives in Prince Edward Island, Canada. She won the international poetry chapbook competition at Doire Press in 2013.  Her poetry collection “The Invisible Girl” can be ordered from her website

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