Visual Verse

A word in my poem at this month's Visual Verse has somehow gone missing so here is the poem in its entirety.  Study in Black                         Grief-eye dark as the world's mirror fastened in a parcel of bones and velvet.           [...]


Lesley Quayle – Two poems

I am delighted to share two environmental poems by Lesley Quayle.  These poems arose from projects she worked on alongside Friends of the Earth and Transport 2000, trying to combat the industrialisation of greenbelt and an AONB. Remember, if you appreciate a poet's work the best support you can give is to purchase their books. You can [...]

Three Colours Grief

I'm very pleased to say that my sales page at erbacce-press has been updated with my new chapbook, Three Colours Grief. Many thanks to editor, Alan Corkish, and to David Wheatley, Marion McCready and Angela Carr for providing the blurbs. If you would like to order a signed copy there will be a slight delay [...]

John Swain – One Poem

  I am delighted to be a sharing a beautiful poem by American poet, John Swain. He brings nature to a new life. Below the Greenstone Asleep in the cove while the moose bellow and clash antlers snapping the fir trees. Rock coast and rocks fall down the basalt wet with lake spray, I follow, [...]

Marion McCready – One Poem

I'm really pleased to be able to share a poem by Scottish poet, Marion McCready, first published in Paris Lit Up Magazine in 2015. Marion's collection 'Tree Language' won the 2013 Melita Hume Prize, awarded by Eyewear Publishing. You can purchase it here.   Rose Hips and Thistles It's been a long Indian summer and [...]

The Curly Mind

I am delighted to have 2 poems published in in issue 2 of 'The Curly Mind', a blogzine for avant-garde and/or experimental poetry. It's a massive issue of 74 poems, so something for everyone. You can read the whole thing here. My thanks to editor, Reuben Woolley, who has put a great deal of work into [...]

Tariq Latif – One Poem

I am very pleased to  share a poem by Argyll-based poet, Tariq Latif, which appears in the current issue of 'Poetry Scotland'. It reads to me like a fairytale, luminous and full of beautiful imagery. Tariq's latest pamphlet, 'Smithereens', is available from Arc Publications. You can purchase it here.   Once upon a Sunday for Jennifer and James [...]

Kate O’Shea – Three Poems

I recently opened up my blog to the work of other poets and the first I am delighted to feature is Irish poet, Kate O'Shea. My hope is to explore what other poets are writing about the environment, nature and animal issues. These three poems of Kate's are rooted beautifully in nature. Pointlessness Here is the entreaty to those [...]

Visual Verse

I thought I would try something different for this new year I have found myself in. Instead of dragging out my insides interminably and plastering them over nature's backdrop I used Visual Verse's photographic prompt to write something quickly (within an hour). It's so interesting the wonderful diversity in writing that a single image can inspire. [...]

What is poetry for?

Well, for the poet it is probably for adjusting the sorrow. Yesterday, on my facebook newsfeed I saw a video - a short video of a few seconds which played automatically as I scrolled. The video showed two guys throwing a dog from a bridge. As the dog landed on the ground beneath I felt something inside [...]