Zoomorphic Magazine

I'm very pleased to have a small bird poem, imaginatively titled 'Small Bird Poem', in issue 6 of Zoomorphic Magazine. They've held onto it for quite a while and can be found in my collection, A Wound's Sound (Oneiros Books, 2014). Many thanks to editors, Susan Richardson and James Roberts.


Small Lament for Everything

The rain is solid somehow wounding the open throat of the tide and the whole edge of the sky is lost and the whole world is missing. Still, I hear the summer and the streets and the slaughterhouses and all the dead with their yellow hearts, and all their wire graves wept on. From 'A [...]

April Poems

Leaving April Woman, willow-stooped and worm-wed, her voice spilt shadow, leaving April in soured knots and velvet. Sad-burst, her bluebell breasts they fade forgetting her silence and her song. Too pink, her buds for blooming too late to die. Farewell, her dumb sun on a child wind, the rising of dusty muscle her dry water [...]

March Poems

March Morning Out of winter, grief-dusted and new sun, March morning tears hyacinths from the sky. I rise, bright-boned and rotted bud, sick of myself, of love, of blood. I rub red writing onto my skin.        I am not dead just numb and a fist, a balcony’s edge where the bride waves thin, all [...]

A Wound’s Sound

I'm very pleased to announce that A Wound's Sound is now available from Oneiros Books. “The ambient howl-sound pervades everything. The gutted beasts are everywhere – billions raised and slaughtered for food globally each year. ‘A Wound’s Sound’ is an attempt to distill and voice their pain and their silence.”   Pigs   after Les Murray Us [...]

My Writing Process blog tour

I have been asked by Abegail Morley, the woman behind the excellent blog The Poetry Shed, to participate in a My Writing Process blog tour. You can read what Abegail has to say about her writing process here. 1) What am I working on? I have just finished a full-length collection called A Wound's Sound to be published by Oneiros [...]