September Poem

It would have been my parents' 50th wedding anniversary today. September 4th (someone’s wedding anniversary)   The graveyard has no heart or history                       a terrible now of poor hours              of sidelined souls.   I am frantic with disquiet and sudden memory                     dreaming of him              younger           his eye falling on other flowers pink poppies                all … Continue reading September Poem

April Poems

Leaving April Woman, willow-stooped and worm-wed, her voice spilt shadow, leaving April in soured knots and velvet. Sad-burst, her bluebell breasts they fade forgetting her silence and her song. Too pink, her buds for blooming too late to die. Farewell, her dumb sun on a child wind, the rising of dusty muscle her dry water … Continue reading April Poems


A summary of my year in poetry: I was very pleased to have 29 poems published. The year started with a poem in Helen Ivory's excellent 'ink sweat & tears' and finished with three in Josephine Corcoran's equally excellent 'And Other Poems'. I was especially pleased to be included in 2 Scottish e-zines, 'The Open … Continue reading 2013

‘Of Luminous Bones’ & ‘A Gentle Nihilism’

I am very pleased to say that 'Throats Full of Graves' is now available for purchase through Lapwing Publications website. In addition, I have received two wonderful reviews of the book. The first is from the Irish poet, Chris Murray, and you can read it at her website Poethead. I enjoyed very much her eloquent reaction … Continue reading ‘Of Luminous Bones’ & ‘A Gentle Nihilism’


Many thanks to David McLean for his wonderful review of my new book, 'Throats Full of Graves', which you can read here. Copies will soon be available for purchase through Lapwing Publications website. I will also have some signed copies available for purchase.