cropped-gillianprewza.jpgBorn Stirling, Scotland in 1966, Gillian Prew studied Philosophy at the University of Glasgow from 1984 to 1988.

Her chapbook, Disconnections,  can be purchased from erbacce-press (2011) and another chapbook, In the Broken Things, published by Virgogray Press (2011). Her collection, Throats Full of Graveshas been published in 2013 by Lapwing Publications. Her latest collection, A Wound’s Sound, has just been released from Oneiros Books in April 2014.

She lives in Argyll with her partner, children and cat.


Buy now from Oneiros Books
Buy now from Oneiros Books


On the back cover of Gillian Prew’s recent book of poetry it says: “The ambient howl-sound pervades everything. The gutted beasts are everywhere – billions raised and slaughtered for food globally each year. ‘A Wound’s Sound’ is an attempt to distil and voice their pain and their silence.”   After reading this I thought to myself, well, there is no one more capable than Prew through the art form of poetry, who could more vividly and poignantly illustrate, expose the plight of “gutted beasts everywhere.


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